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Fish Creek

Cafe KO Bar & Grill Menu

Our Cafe KO Bar and Grill menu features local produce and local wines from the Gippsland region.
All foods are available take-away.
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Eggs on KO Bun $7

Bacon, Eggs, Cheese, BBQ sauce Roll $10

KOs Big Breakfast:
bacon, eggs, chorizo sausage, tomato, spinach, mushrooms,

relish, baked beans & hash brown on a KO bun $25

Eggs Florentine:
eggs, spinach, hollandaise on a KO bun $12

Eggs Benedict:
eggs, ham, hollandaise on a KO bun $14

with your choice of: -ice-cream and maple syrup

-bacon and maple syrup $16

The Chozza -
Tomato salsa, avocado, chorizo sausage, scrambled eggs

on a KO bun $14

Fruit Toast $5

Banana Bread $5


Tomato, Hollandaise, Tomato Relish $2

Spinach, Ham, Hash Browns, Bacon, Baked Beans, Avocado, $3.50 Chorizo
Sausage, Mushrooms

House Baked Garlic Loaf $8


Using Local Dividing Creek Farm Produce, Waratah Nth

Cheese Burger:
200g beef pattie with our special cheese sauce (add Bacon $2) $12

The KO Burger:
200g beef pattie with house made beetroot relish, Danish fetta,

& baby spinach in a gourmet burger bun $15

The Burger Burger:
200g beef pattie, with caramelised onion, tomato relish, egg,

bacon, lettuce, cheese, pineapple, beetroot relish in a gourmet bun $18

Fishy Burger:
Beer Battered Flake, tomato, cheese, lettuce & tartare in a gourmet bun $12

Chicken Burger:
Chicken Schnitzel, cheese, bacon, tomato, salad mix & roast garlic
aioli $15


Fettuccini Carbonara:
Bacon, parmesan, egg yolk & creamy white wine sauce $14

Fettuccini Pesto Pumpkin:
Roasted pumpkin, baby spinach, basil pesto creamy sauce $12

Fettuccini Bolognaise
Well have you tried ours? $10

Fettuccini Italiano
Chorizo, sun dried tomatoes, roast capsicum, salami, olives, chilli and
parmesan cheese $20

Layered with our very own Bolognaise, Napoli & Béchamel $10

Kids Meals All $10
*Also check out the Pasta section & pizza menu for some more kid
friendly items*

Fish and Fries
Chicken schnitzel and Fries


Chicken Schnitzel:
300g Crumbed chicken breast crumbed by us & traditionally fried $16

KO’S Chicken Parma:
300g Crumbed chicken breast layered with Napolitano sauce then topped with
tasty & mozzarella cheese $20

The Spanish Parma:
Chicken schnitzel topped with tomato salsa, jalapenos,

chorizo sausage & cheese $24

Ham & pineapple Parma:
KO’s Parma layered with ham & pineapple $22

Aussie Parma:
KO’s Parma layered with ham, bacon& Egg $24

Salt & Pepper Calamari:
You think the Colonel has secrets! $12

Beer Battered Flake:
Battered and cooked to order 1@$7.50 2@$15

Seasoned Chicken Breast:
300g Pan fried salt & pepper seasoned Chicken Breast $18

Cajun Chicken Breast:
Cajun spiced chicken breast stuffed with semi dried

marinated Danish fetta, roasted capsicum & baby spinach $24

Sticky Coca-Cola Beef Short Ribs:
Spicy & rich slow cooked beef that just melts in your mouth, $24

Marinated Beef Rump:
Marinated with soy, balsamic, rosemary & garlic cooked the way
you like it! 500g $25

250g $15

Gourmet Pie $7

Check out our Dividing Creek Farm Specials Board!

Sauces All $2

Creamy mushroom/ Brandy Peppercorn/ Dianne/ Red wine Jus/ Roast Garlic
Aioli/ Tartare/ Garlic Butter/ Roast Capsicum & Anchovy Butter/ Sour
Cream & Sweet Chilli/ Sweet Chilli Aioli/ Gravy


-Spinach Salad:
with roasted pumpkin, red onion, marinated Danish fetta & pesto $5 -Roquette Salad: with fried potato,
parmesan, roasted caps & roast garlic aioli $5

-Garden Salad:
with tomato, cucumber, red onion, mixed lettuce & Italian dressing $4

-Fat Chips
Hand cut using Only Gippsland potatoes $5

-Cajun Spiced Potato Skins:
Hand cut using & lightly spiced with Cajun seasoning $4

-French Fries
Because they’re yummy $4

-Baked Potato:
with sour cream $4

-Creamy Mash Potato: Using Gippsland potatoes creamy
mashed with a hint of garlic $4

-Seasonal Steamed Veg:
A variety of seasonal vegetables $4

-Beer Battered Onion Rings:
Well it pretty much speaks for its self! $4

Gourmet Pizzas

Cajun Chicken
- Cajun spiced chicken, baby spinach, red onion, avocado, pineapple, tomato
salsa & sour cream $14/$20

Up the Creek
- Ham, chicken, salami, mushrooms, olives, roast capsicum, pineapple,
bacon, red onion and anchovies $16/$22

Tandoori Chicken-
Tandoori chicken, cashews, baby spinach, red onion & tzatziki $$14/$20

Garlic Prawn
- Prawns, bacon, baby spinach, garlic and chilli $19/$25

- Ham, bacon, chicken, salami & chorizo, $15/$21

Italian Job
- Chorizo, sun dried tomatoes, roast capsicum, salami, olives, chilli and
parmesan cheese $19/$25

The Wild Mushroom
- Field, button and swisse brown mushrooms braised with thyme and oregano,
goats cheese and caramelised onion $17/ $23

Prawn and Chorizo
- Prawns, chorizo, avocado, tomatoes, chilli, garlic and red onion $19/$25

The Mexican-
Tomato salsa, chorizo sausage, avocado,

red onion, jalapenos, chilli, roast capsicum

& sour cream $14/$20

-Pesto based, salami, olives,

semi dried tomatoes, fetta, red onion, anchovies


Classic Pizzas

Pumpkin Pesto
- Roasted pumpkin, marinated feta, baby spinach, red onion and KO’s pesto $10/$15

Sweet Chilli Chicken
- Chicken, sweet chilli, bacon, mushrooms & sour cream $13/$18

Satay Chicken
- Chicken, baby spinach, red onion and roast capsicum $13/ $18

B.B.Q Chicken
- Chicken, mushrooms, bacon, pineapple, red onion, B.B.Q sauce


Ham and Pineapple
- Ham and Pineapple $9/$14

- Ham, bacon and egg $10 /$15

Hot Pig-
Ham, hot salami & chilli

and Bacon $13/$18

- Mozzarella, tomato and basil $9 /$14

Ham, mushrooms, olives & anchovies

$10 / $15

- Ham, mushrooms, roast capsicum, pineapple and B.B.Q sauce $10 /$15

- Garlic $7 /$12

Pesto & Parmesan $8/13


Our fresh, house made desserts are on display at the bar, or ask the staff. We make all our cakes fresh, here at KO’s. For your next party, function or special occasion, give us a call to quote you on a delicious personalised cake.

* Cakeage will be charged for BYO cakes



Rothbury Estate

Cabernet Merlot Glass: $6.50 Bottle: $20.00

Shiraz Cabernet Glass: $6.50 Bottle: $20.00

Bay of Stones
Shiraz Glass $8.00 Bottle $25.00

Rothbury Estate

Chardonnay Glass: $6.50 Bottle: $20.00

Sauvignon Blanc Glass: $6.50 Bottle: $20.00


Pinot Grigio Glass $8.00 Bottle $25.00

Moscato Glass $8.00 Bottle $25.00

Sparkling Wines

Dunes & Greene 200ml Piccolo: $8.50

Dune & Greene Pinot Noir N V 750ml Bottle $25.00

Beers on Tap

Carlton Draught 285ml pot $4.80

Great Northern 285ml pot $4.60

Premium Beers

Cascade Lite $5.00 Pure Blonde $6.50

Victoria Bitter $6.00 Crown Larger $6.50

Carlton Dry $6.00 Coopers Stout $7.00

Coopers Pale $7.00


Corona $7.50

Asahi $7.50


Bulmers 330ml original cider $7.50

Basic Spirts all $7.00
Top Shelf Spirits $7.50

Soft Drinks

Schweppes Varieties, Assorted 375ml Cans & Juices, $3.50

Bundy Ginger Beer $4.00

Red Bull $4.50

Water $3.50

Milkshakes lg $5.00 sml $3.50